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Who we are


  • Dr Gemma Allen
    Senior Lecturer in Early Modern History: political, religious and cultural history of later sixteenth and early seventeenth-century England, particularly the study of early modern women.
  • Dr SJ Allen,
    Associate Lecturer, Humanities: the Crusades, the Crusades and modern memory, medieval ecclesiastical history, medieval Islamic and Byzantine studies.
  • Dr Piers Baker-Bates,
    Honorary Associate in Art History: Italian and Spanish Art of the Sixteenth Century and especially processes of cultural exchange between the Italian Peninsula and the Spanish Imperial World
  • Dr Naomi Barker
    Senior Lecturer in Music: seventeenth-century Italian keyboard and other instrumental music, performance practice, cultural contexts and cross-disciplinary aspects of music and art.
  • Dr Carla Benzan
    Lecturer in Art History: sacred and scientific images of the Catholic Reformation in northern Italy; realism and vision; materiality and embodiment.
  • Dr Linda Briggs
    Staff Tutor in History: cultural, religious and social history of early modern France (in particular the French wars of religion), festival culture across early modern Europe, visual and material cultures.
  • Professor Richard Danson Brown
    Professor of English Literature: sixteenth-century poetry, especially Spenser, and Shakespeare studies.
  • Dr Martin Clarke
    Senior Lecturer in Music: sacred music and the relationships between music, theology and religious practice, particularly the hymnody of eighteenth-century Methodism.
  • Dr Charlotte Clifton-Moore
    Associate Lecturer in History: seventeenth-century history, with a particular interest in the 1620s and 1630s and the road to Civil War.
  • Dr Helen Coffey
    Senior Lecturer in Music: civic and court musical patronage and exchange from the fifteenth to the eighteenth centuries, especially concerning Germany, Austria and Britain.
  • Dr Silvia De Renzi
    Senior Lecturer in History of Medicine: the uses of medical knowledge in Counter Reformation Italy, particularly the history of legal medicine and of dissecting practices.
  • Dr Suzanne Forbes
    Lecturer in History: late seventeenth- and early eighteenth-century Irish and British history, particularly print culture and politics.
  • Dr Elizabeth Ford
    Associate Lecturer in Arts and Humanities: the material conditions of playwriting surrounding and informing the composition and revision of Shakespeare’s plays.
  • Dr Michael Gale
    Honorary Associate in Music: Musical culture in early modern England (particularly education and professional training); digital musicology.
  • Dr Natalee Garrett
    Lecturer in History: 
    print culture, public opinion and the construction of identities in eighteenth-century Europe, particularly Britain and France.
  • Dr Jonathan Gibson
    Senior Lecturer in English: early modern literature and book history, particularly manuscript culture of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries; the Elizabethan Court.
  • Professor Ole Grell
    Professor of Early Modern History: European social and cultural history in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, particularly Calvinism, Anglo-Dutch relations, and the history of medicine.
  • Dr Tim Hammond
    Staff Tutor in English: representations of poverty in early modern English drama; plays at the Rose.
  • Jill Harrison
    Associate Lecturer in Art History: The political, economic and cultural history of early Trecento Italian art, networks of patronage and secular and civic imagery.
  • Dr Amy Hayes
    Staff Tutor and Lecturer in History: medieval queenship, particularly focused on socio-cultural role of Scottish queens consort. Also elite medieval women and children, and Scottish medieval history more broadly.
  • Dr Kathy Holman
    Honorary Associate in History: Early Medieval Britain and Scandinavia, particularly the Viking settlement of the British Isles and runic inscriptions.
  • Dr M A Katritzky
    Senior Wilkes Research Fellow in Theatre Studies: early modern English and comparative literature and drama, particularly Shakespeare studies, book history and literature and medicine.
  • Dr Edmund King
    Research Associate in English: book history and the history of reading, Shakespeare studies, and the authorship and attribution of early modern drama.
  • Dr William Kynan-Wilson
    Senior Lecturer in Art History: medieval and early modern travel literature and travel imagery; medieval responses to the ancient world; medieval Rome; cross-cultural exchange between Europe and the Ottoman world; early modern costume books.
  • Dr Liz Lane
    Associate Lecturer in Music: music composition, music arranging, music for disabled young musicians, especially OpenUp Music (Composer in Association).
  • Dr Chris Langley
    Staff Tutor in History: social and religious history of early modern Scotland; digital approaches to the humanities.
  • Professor Anne Laurence
    Emeritus Professor of History: the seventeenth-century civil wars of the British Isles, women and gender in early modern Britain and Ireland, the early modern stock market in England and its private investors.
  • Dr Hannah Lavery
    Senior Lecturer in English: sixteenth- and seventeenth-century English and European literatures; poetry (ancient to modern); early modern erotic literature; manuscripts and archives.
  • Dr Angeliki Lymberopoulou
    Senior Lecturer in Art History: late and post-Byzantine artistic patronage and production in Venetian Crete (1211-1669), particularly of icons and frescoes.
  • Dr Sean McGlynn FRHistS
    Associate Lecturer in History: monarchy in medieval England and France, medieval warfare, war and non-combatants in medieval and early modern history, medieval heresy, national identity through history.
  • Professor Elaine Moohan
    Professor of Musicology: fifteenth-century sacred music and its sources, music in Glasgow.
  • Dr Andrew Murray
    Lecturer in Art History: art and ceremony of late medieval France and Valois Burgundy (c. 1350-1520), and the history of emotions, particularly the work of Johan Huizinga.
  • Dr Diana Newall
    Staff Tutor in Art History: the cultural and artistic developments on Crete from the 13th -15th centuries.
  • Dr Anita Pacheco
    Honorary Associate in English: the Restoration, especially the work of Aphra Behn, early modern women's writing, and the relationship between literature and politics 1660-1688.
  • Dr Claire Phillips
    Lecturer in History: Childhood and youth, medical care in the London Foundling Hospital, welfare and poverty institutions.
  • Dr Alice Sanger
    Honorary Associate in Art History: art patronage and devotional practice of the Medici grand duchesses of the later sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries.
  • Dr Samuel Sargeant
    Staff Tutor in Creative Writing: historiography and its relationship to historical fiction; how narrative structure relates to genre in Old Norse Icelandic sagas. 
  • Dr Clare Taylor
    Senior Lecturer in Art History: the material culture of seventeenth and early-eighteenth century Britain; particularly gilt leather hangings and wallpaper.
  • Dr Margaret Tedford 
    Library Assistant: medieval maps; geographical and scientific manuscripts; cognitive experiences of space in Old English literature.
  • Dr Margit Thøfner
    Senior Lecturer in Art History: painting, sculpture, architecture, urban spaces, print-making, politics and gender as well as visual, processional, devotional and musical cultures in the Netherlands, Germany, England, Scotland and Scandinavia during the early modern period.
  • Dr. Robert J. Wallis   
    Staff Tutor in Art History: early Anglo-Saxon art and archaeology; early medieval human-raptor sociality; Anglo-Saxon falconry; early medieval ‘paganism’; the Anglo-Saxon ‘conversion’ to Christianity; Viking art and archaeology; re-presentations of Anglo-Saxon and Norse paganism by today’s Heathens.
  • Dr Susie West
    Senior Lecturer in Art History: the English country house, its landscape setting, and private libraries of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.
  • Dr Emilia Wilton-Godberfforde
    Lecturer in French: seventeenth-century French literature and drama, particularly Moliere, reception and audience response, the figure of the liar in comedy.
  • Dr Sara Wolfson
    Lecturer in Early Modern History: European court culture, gender, queenship, exile, diplomacy and dynastic relations in the early seventeenth century, particularly focusing on the Court of Charles I and his consort, Queen Henrietta Maria.
  • Dr Kim Woods
    Honorary Associate in Art History: art of northern Europe from the mid-fourteenth to the mid-sixteenth century, especially sculpture, Netherlandish art, religious imagery and artistic exchange. 
  • Dr Neil Younger
    Lecturer in History: sixteenth-century English history, particularly Elizabethan politics and government, the Tudor court and early modern European war and society.
  • Dr Molly Ziegler
    Lecturer in Drama and Performance Studies: early modern drama and theatre practices, particularly dramaturgy and representations of disease, gender and madness.

Research students 

  • Claire Ashwell (History): 'Emotion and Elizabethan Royal Ceremonies'
  • Lynn Berry (History): '"All That Can Be Wished For": Representations of Nature by Colonial Authors from New France, 1603-1708'
  • Eva de Valk (English): 'Acts of terror: representations of terrorism on the early modern stage'
  • Kate Newsholme (English): 'Gender and genre in Shakespeare’s treatment of silence'
  • Kim Pratt (Classical Studies): 'Monsters as the Other: A Defence of Polyphemos from Homer’s Odyssey to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein'
  • Sarah Roberts (Art History): 'Shaping a new identity for the Trinci signoria: ambitions and image-making in the early quattrocento court of Foligno'
  • Antonia Saunders (English): 'Constructions of Jewishness in English Nineteenth-Century Novels and Histories'
  • Sharon Wiseman (English): 'Text and Performance: Symbolism, Myth and Acting in the Plays of Nathaniel Lee and Thomas Otway'

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