#NeverMoreNeeded - 24th April 2020

CVSL Director, Dr Carol Jacklin-Jarvis, talks about the value of small charities, and how even the failure of one at this time might have unforeseen consequences.

A message from the CVSL Centre Director - 2nd April 2020

CVSL Director, Dr Carol Jacklin-Jarvis, would like to send this message out to colleagues, partners and all third sector organisations, as support in these fast changing times.

A shout out for leadership - 20th March 2020

In these extraordinary times, we want to give a shout out for the amazing leadership shown by so many in voluntary and community organisations, large and small - including our friends at Community Action:MK, Works for Us and MK CAB, NAVCA, UK Community Foundations and beyond.  We are indeed seeing that leadership is practiced by people at all levels, across boundaries, and in different contexts to 'make things happen' in challenging circumstances.

Water, water everywhere...the role of voluntary organisations in flood management - 24th February 2020

With fields up and down the UK increasingly looking like lakes, this month we link to a blog from CVSL colleague Karen Potter that considers the implications of flood water management for voluntary organisations through the case of Toddbrook Reservoir.

Toddbrook Reservoir – A Case of Dam Charity or Charity be Damned?

The PhD Research Journey - 5th December 2019

This month we introduce you to the journey through which PhD students arrvive at the OU and go on to develop insights into leadership and collaboration in voluntary organisations and social movements.  Follow the links below to learn more about the PhD experiences of Daniel Haslam and Akash Puranik.

Voluntary Sector Collaborations with the NHS, Daniel Haslam.

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