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Will collaboration for children work this time round?

In a series of blogs over summer 2023, Dr Carol Jacklin-Jarvis and Dr Steven Parker from the Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership reflect on current theory and practice for multi-agency collaboration.

In the first blog, Carol asks ‘Will collaboration for children work this time round?’

9th May 2023

Concerned about a lack of diversity in your organisation’s workforce?

Julie Boak's blog post about the OU’s Careers and Employability Services free badged course:  Diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 

27th March 2023

Connecting through Culture

Tot Foster's blog on her experience at ‘Overcoming Reliance on Gatekeepers: Addressing Racial Equity Through Meaningful Partnerships and Collaboration with Black and Minority Ethnic Communities at a Local Level’ conference. 

16th December 2022

The Role of Civil Society in the Labour Market Integration of Migrants in Europe

A blog post by Francesca Calo who reflects on the role that civil society organisations play in supporting migrants across the european labour markets of six different countries.

29th November 2022

Ethical Leadership Tensions in the Voluntary Sector: the example of food banks.

This blog by Daniel Haslam focuses on some of these ethical leadership tensions in food banks, drawing on information presented by colleague Dr Nik Winchester at the International Studying Leadership Conference (ISLC) in 2021.

24th November 2022

Designing your digital strategy, a free course for leaders and trustees

The free course Strategic planning for online learning is built upon extensive research into how educational leaders strategically manage and plan for online provision of learning. It addresses how organisations address the particular challenges and opportunities which online learning provides.

16th November 2022

Project management and public management – two sides of the same mirror

Blog piece by Dr Steven Parker, Lecturer in Management, PuLSE, FBL

11th November 2022

A Royal Charter from Queen Elizabeth: a servant-leader

A  thought piece from Dr Helen Britton, CVSL Visiting Fellow to mark the passing and pay tribute to late Queen Elizabeth II.

3rd November 2022

Adaptive and dynamic organisations: systems thinking as leadership

The post is part of an occasional blog series of ‘thought pieces’ written by Dr Helen Britton, Visiting Fellow to the Open University. This scond piece examines the potential for a more systems thinking approach to leadership.

13th September 2022

‘Reimagining leadership: the potential of place-based and collective leadership in the voluntary sector’

In this blog, James Rees and Carol Jacklin-Jarvis reflect on what we mean by ‘voluntary sector place leadership’, why we are interested in this area of research and hopefully encourage others to join us on this journey of deepening understanding in this field.

1st August 2022

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