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Hybrid spaces: CVSL conference 2022 – Looking forward

In this blog, authored by Dr Carol Jacklin-Jarvis, Director of the Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership (CVSL), you will find out about the key themes that will be explored at the CVSL Annual Conference on 9 June 2022.

14th April 2022

Getting and sharing information: The role of voluntary sector Local Infrastructure Organisations during the Covid-19 pandemic in England

This blog, authored by Dr Daniel Haslam, is the second in an occasional series focussing on the role of voluntary sector local infrastructure organisations (LIOs) during the Covid-19 pandemic in England

18th October 2021

Developing a Pathway for Voluntary Sector Learners

In this blog Kay Logan, PhD Student, explains what some of the opportunities might be for the development of CVSL’s learning offer and the further development of partnerships between academics and practitioners.

22nd September 2021

Remaking, Rearranging, Reaffirming: The role of voluntary sector Local Infrastructure Organisations during the Covid-19 pandemic in England

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic we have continued to have conversations with people working and volunteering in a variety of different contexts within the voluntary sector. This blog, by Dr Daniel Haslam, is the first in an occasional series exploring the findings from these conversations.

27th August 2021

Voluntary sector collaboration with the public sector: new ways of working?

This blog by Dr Daniel Haslam is a key output from CVSL’s Annual Conference. He discusses the Theory of Collaborative Advantage which was explored in one of the workshops. This session examined the benefits of collaboration but also the numerous challenges it brings with it.

13th June 2021

Making the most of digital – the UK is rich with learning opportunities

CVSL’s Tot Foster, a Research Associate on the Project EU3 Digital, a European initiative, discusses how we can make the most of new digital learning opportunities and shares a range of helpful resources that can support us through digital adoption, adaptation and change.

10th June 2021

Can a practice view help us understand leadership in smaller charities?

Sally Vivyan is a PhD student affiliated with the Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership. Her research focuses on leadership practice in asylum seeker and refugee charities. In this blog, she explains why she has chosen to adopt a Leadership- as- Practice lens for her study.

10th March 2021

Voluntary Sector ‘Transmission Belts’ in Cross-Sector Collaborations

This blog, originally written for a series by the Department for Public Leadership and Social Enterprise (PuLSE), is written by Dr Daniel Haslam, Lecturer in Management in the Center for Voluntary Sector Leadership. This piece explores how the voluntary sector works in cross-sector collaborations, specifically in this case a project with the NHS. 

2nd March 2021

“We do good things, don’t we?"

In the blog post, Dr Francesca Calo reflects upon a study that she carried out with colleagues at Glasgow Caledonian University. The team assessed the potential of three methodological approaches common in health evaluation – a systematic review, realist evaluation and quasi-experimental investigation.

17th February 2021

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