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Kay Logan

I am PhD student attached to CVSL and my research investigates leadership ethics with voluntary sector practitioners as part of leadership learning clubs (LLCs).  For the last two years I have been following LLCs and, in some cases, have become fully immersed into the LLCs.

Using a posthuman perspective (Barad, 2007; Haraway 2016; Braidotti, 2006 and Tsing, 2015), my PhD seeks to understand how ethics materialise in the decision-making processes of voluntary sector leaders when leadership shifts to include others through relationships, responsibility and reputation. 

I am in the process of analysing the data from the LLCs, interviews and observational notes and am struck by the accounts of leadership ethics that seek to involve others as part of leadership practice with varying degrees of success as responsibility and reputation interplay as either enabling or inhibiting.

I hope that my findings will contribute to understanding how and in what circumstances leadership is able to move into relationships when ethical choices are made through the dilemmas that emerge as part of relational practice.

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