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Living in an institution in Ireland - in my own words

Jean Wright, Bill Roberts and Carol Hamilton

Bill Roberts' abstract

A colour head and shoulders of Bill Roberts

The title of my presentation is 'Reflections on One's Life'. It has four parts. Each part is about living my life in Ireland.

  • Part One is about my first memories, my Mum, Dad and family, getting up to devilment and going to the day school.
  • Part Two is about living at the residential school. I will talk about how I went to the school, what happened to me while I was at the school: the loneliness, the bullying and the running away.
  • Part Three is about what happened to me after I left the school. I will talk about being in a workshop, a day care-centre and going to counselling.
  • In Part Four, I will talk about my present work as a rights activist. I will talk about being involved with the Labour Party disability group, working on the Rights Project, the Inclusive Research Network and the anti-bullying group.

Carol Hamilton's abstract

I am working at the National Institute of Intellectual Disability on the life-story project. I am gathering life-stories from older people with learning disabilities. I will talk about working with Bill to tell his life-story and to put his story onto a website. I will also talk about working with other people in Ireland as part of this project.

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