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Biography - Duncan Mitchell

Duncan Mitchell is Professor of Health and Disability at Manchester Metropolitan University. He has worked with people with learning disabilities since 1983 and has been interested in exploring the history of learning disability services since his experiences as a student nurse in one of the old long stay institutions. Duncan is proud of the small part he played in the closure of the institutions when he worked as part of the resettlement programme in the late 1980s. He has also worked as a Community Learning Disability Nurse and has lectured in learning disabilities, politics of health and history of nursing. Duncan is the author of papers on the history of learning disability, health and learning disability.

Selected publications

  • Chapman, M., Hare, D., Caton, S., Donalds, D., McInnis, E. and Mitchell, D. (2013) 'The use of mindfulness with people with intellectual disabilities: a systematic review and narrative analysis', Mindfulness, 1-11 (published online February 2013).
  • Chapman, M. and Mitchell, D. (2013) 'Mindfully Valuing People Now: An evaluation of Introduction to Mindfulness workshops for people with intellectual disabilities', Mindfulness, 1-11 (published online January 2013).
  • Caton, C., Chadwick, D., Chapman, C., Turnbull, S. Mitchell, D. and Stansfield, J. (2012) 'Healthy Lifestyles for Adults with Intellectual Disability: Knowledge, Barriers and Facilitators', Journal of Intellectual and Developmental Disability, 37, 3, pp. 248-259.
  • Davys, D., Mitchell, D. and Haigh, C. (2011) 'Adult Sibling Experience, Roles, Relationships and Future Concerns - a Review of the Literature within Learning Disabilities', Journal of Clinical Nursing, 20, 19-20, pp. 2837-2853.
  • Davys, D., Mitchell, D. and Haigh, C. (2010)  'Futures planning, parental expectations and sibling concern for people who have a learning disability', Journal of Intellectual Disabilities, 14, 3, pp. 167-183.
  • Backer, C., Chapman, M. and Mitchell, D. (2009) 'Access to Secondary Healthcare for people with intellectual disabilities: a review of the literature', Journal of Research in Intellectual Disabilities, 22, 6, pp. 514-525.
  • Sweeney, J.F. and Mitchell, D. (2009) 'A Challenge to Nursing: An Historical Review of Intellectual Disability Nursing in the UK and Ireland', Journal of Clinical Nursing, 18 (19), pp. 2754-2763.
  • Mitchell, D. (2009) 'Mental deficiency nursing and the GNC: a square peg in a round hole'. In Jukes, M. Learning Disability Nursing Practice, London, Quay Books.
  • Mitchell, D. and Welshman, J. (2006) 'In the Shadow of the Poor Law: Workforce Issues'. In Welshman, J. and Walmsley, J. Community Care in Perspective: Care, Control, and Citizenship, London,  Palgrave.
  • Mitchell, D., Traustadottir, R., Chapman, R., Townson, L., Ingham, N. and Ledger, S. (2006) Exploring Experiences of Advocacy by People with Learning Disabilities: Testimonies of Resistance, London, Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
  • Mitchell, D. and Rafferty, A. M. (2005) '"I don't think they ever really wanted to know anything about us" - staff stories in institutions for people with learning disability', Oral History, Spring, 2005, pp. 77–87.
  • Mitchell, D. (2004) 'The Jay Report – Twenty-Five Years On', Learning Disability Practice, 7(6), pp. 18–21.
  • Mitchell, D. (2004) 'Keynote Review: Learning Disability Nursing', British Journal of Learning Disabilities, 32, pp. 115–118.
  • Mitchell, D. (2003) 'A chapter in the history of nurse education: learning disability nursing and The Jay Report', Nurse Education Today, 23, pp. 350–356.
  • Mitchell, D. and Smith, P. (2003) 'Emotional labour and the history of learning disability nursing', Journal of Learning Disabilities, 7(9), pp. 109–117.
  • Mitchell, D. (2002) 'Using history in learning disability practice', Learning Disability Practice, 5(9), pp. 16–20.
  • Mitchell, D. (2002) 'A contribution to the history of learning disability nursing', NTResearch, 7(3), pp. 201–210.
  • Mitchell, D. (2001) 'Nursing and social policy in the 1930s: A discussion of mental deficiency nursing', International History of Nursing Journal, 6(1), pp. 56–61.
  • Mitchell, D. (2000) 'Parallel Stigma? Nurses and people with learning disability', British Journal of Learning Disabilities, 28, pp. 78–81.
  • Mitchell, D. (2000) 'Ambiguous boundaries: retrieving the history of learning disability nursing'. In Brigham, L., Atkinson, D., Jackson, M., Rolph, S. and Walmsley, J. Crossing Boundaries: debates and dilemmas in the history of learning disabilities, Kidderminster, BILD publications.

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