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Biography - Lou Townson

A photograph of Lou Townson

I have been involved in research for many years. I started out doing this when we were asked to go to a local Adult Training Centre which was being dispersed to find out what people who attended wanted. At the time I did not recognise that this was research, but went on to be a key member and now a Director of the Carlisle People First Research Team Ltd.

A photograph of Carlisle People First Research Group

Since then, I have been involved with inclusive research and a lot of partnership working. I think this is essential as most research is done by professionals and the findings are not made very public.

At the moment I am also a Director of People First Independent Advocacy in Cumbria and involved with the Social History of Learning Disability group at The Open University, which I really enjoy. I went to Iceland in May 2006 as part of the Grundtvig project which was really exciting. I have been involved with book editing and reviewing articles for the British Journal of Learning Disabilities and making recommendations. I am now co-book reviews editor for them as well as being on the University of Manchester Partnership Steering Group.

I really enjoy all aspects of research and as long as I can continue for many more years, I will be happy.



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