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International Development Seminars

Photo of Dr Neeta Shah

Twice migrated Gujarati women: financialization and pensions

Dr Neeta Shah from the University of Westminster presented ‘Twice migrated Gujarati women: financialization and pensions'

28 October 2020, 14:39

Whatever it takes? The Global Financial Safety Net, Covid-19 and Developing Countries

Christina Laskaridis from the OU presents the findings of a recent paper which explores plans to fill a $2.5 trillion financing gap to combat COVID-19 and the subsequent financial crises

24 September 2020, 09:32

Labour, International development and Africa: rethinking policy in opposition

Dr William Brown, Senior Lecturer in Government and Politics, presents ongoing research into Labour’s international development policy.

8 February 2018, 10:26
Jude Fransman OU image

Rethinking Research Partnerships: Evidence and the Politics of Participation in Cross-Sectoral Research Collaborations

The OU's Dr Jude Fransman explores the relationship between evidence and participation in research partnerships.

27 June 2017, 10:45
Nollywood Seminar image

Nollywood and Nigeria’s Internal Conflicts: Media in an Advisory Capacity

The OU's Dr Françoise Ugochukwu reveals Nollywood as both sounding board and political advisory platform.

2 May 2017, 10:44
Professor Kunal Sen, Open University seminar image

Deals and Development: The Political Dynamics of Inclusive Growth

Professor Kunal Sen (University of Manchester) puts forward a new framework, grounded in political economy, for understanding growth.


12 April 2017, 14:53
Jo Chataway OU seminar image

Three Frames for Research and Innovation Policy: Moving from the Valley of Death to Experimental Arenas

Professor Joanna Chataway (SPRU, Sussex) provides an overview of three frames for research and innovation funding and policy, and introduces the TIPC.

17 March 2017, 13:24
Philipp Horn Indigenous Rights podcast image

Indigenous Rights to the City: EthniCity, DiverCity and Urban Development in La Paz, Bolivia and Quito, Ecuador

Dr Philipp Horn (OU) discusses the barrier to development represented by the 'urban indigenous' and explore how Bolivia and Ecuador are bucking the trend.

27 February 2017, 13:11
Jo Beall OU seminar image

Rights, Riots and Realities in Global Higher Education (internal-only)

Dr Jo Beall (British Council) examines the global trends, challenges and opportunities faced by higher education today.

16 January 2017, 12:47
Richmond Atta-Ankomah OU Informality as a Continuum seminar image

Informality as a Continuum: Evidence from Four Furniture Manufacturing Clusters in Kenya

Richmond Atta-Ankomah argues that the informal sector is inherently heterogeneous, and informality is best described as a continuum.

6 May 2016, 09:37

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