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'First-class research and an authentic connection to the Global South'

8 September 2020
Photo of Simone Arthur

 On the fifth annniversary of the Strategic Research Area in International Development and Inclusive Innovation, we talk to its Senior Research Manager Simone Arthur about how it can build on its success in a changing world.

Cultural norms and religious values in Burundi hinder teenagers’ sex education

7 September 2020

What impact do Burundian norms have on teenagers’ sex education?

International Development and Innovation Seminar Series

23 September 2020

Whatever It Takes?

The Global Financial Safety Net, Covid-19, and Developing Countries

Presenter - Christina Laskaridis

Christina Laskaridis Bio:

How to Find Your Way: Ships, Sea & the Stars

2 September 2020
A Syrian mother holding her baby, taken in Lebanon, Photo: Mohamed Azakir / World Bank

In this fascinating webinar produced by Royal Museums Greenwich, Professor Marie Gillespie from the OU discusses how refugees forced to flee their countries are using remarkable navigational tools to find their way to safety.

Work-related and Personal Predictors of COVID-19 Transmission

3 September 2020
photo of gayatri-malhotra-26SGAduvONc-unsplash

This IKD Working Paper seeks to uncover aspects of work, and personal traits and circumstances, that are predictors of COVID-19 transmission.

9 September 2020
screenshot of September ID@OU newsletter

The September ID@OU newsletter is out! All the latest news, opportunities and events from International Development at The Open University.