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Healthcare in Africa image

Making Medicines in Africa

9 August 2016

Maureen Mackintosh and Julius Mugwagwa explore some of the interconnections between industrial development and health.

Richmond Atta-Ankomah OU Informality as a Continuum seminar image

Informality as a Continuum: Evidence from Four Furniture Manufacturing Clusters in Kenya

4 May 2016

Richmond Atta-Ankomah argues that the informal sector is inherently heterogeneous, and informality is best described as a continuum.

Julius Mugwagwa OU Innovative Spending Seminar image

Innovative Spending in Health: Unpacking the Global Evidence

6 April 2016

Using evidence from South Africa, the UK and Zimbabwe, Julius Mugwagwa discusses the impact of innovative spending on inclusive and sustainable health.

Giorgos Kallis OU Limits without Scarcity seminar

Limits without Scarcity

16 March 2016

Revisiting the notion of limits in modern environmentalism, Giorgos Kallis argues that collective self-limitation is the only way towards egalitarian abundance.

Suma Athreye Patent Use in the UK seminar image

Patent Use in the UK

13 January 2016

Suma Athreye explores some of the concerns about our lack of knowledge of what happens to patents once they are issued.

Patrick Bond BRICS IKD seminar

BRICS Banking and the Debate over sub-Imperialism

4 November 2015

Do the BRICS countries herald a new dawn for democracy or continued political repression? Patrick Bond introduces his book BRICS: An Anti-Capitalist Critique.

Valerie Amato SDG OU seminar image

How Can the Global Goals for Sustainable Development Be Effectively Delivered?

16 September 2015

Valerie Amato highlights emerging models of multi-stakeholder collaboration and the relevance of systems thinking and complexity science.

Dinar Kale Medical Devices Graveyard

Can India Sort Out Medical Device Graveyards in Africa?

28 July 2015

Medical devices donated to developing countries are often of the wrong type or broken. Could new research resolve this and improve healthcare?

Raphael Kaplinsky image

Towards Inclusive Innovation, Asian Drivers, Global Value Chains and the Role of Commodities: Celebrating Raphael Kaplinsky’s Research

18 June 2015

A celebration of the 40+ years Professor Raphie Kaplinsky has been researching the economics of innovation, globalisation and development.

Fenella Porter trade unions seminar image

Radical Research and Education in Modern Times: Freirean Approaches to the Renewal of Trade Unions and Global Labour Movements

13 May 2015

Fenella Porter uses a Freirean approach to argue that many trade unions need to reform their relationship with workers and the new landscape of work.

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