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Inclusive Societies: Migration for Inclusive African Growth


In recent years there has been significant growth in African economies, driven by trade in commodities, which has prompted more migrants to move to, and within, African countries. This project investigates what impact this migration is having on growth in Africa and in the migrants’ countries of origin, and how more sustainable and inclusive growth can be promoted.


Giles Mohan, Open University (Principal Investigator)
John Oucho, University of Warwick    
Linda Adhiambo Oucho, African Migration and Development Policy Centre     
Dinar Kale, Open University    
Joseph Kofi Teye, University of Ghana     
Ben Lampert, Open University    
Ines Macamo Raimundo, Eduardo Mondlane University
Aderanti Adepoju, Network of Migration Research on Africa 
Parvati Raghuram, Open University 


This project is funded through the ESRC Global Challenges Research Fund New Models of Sustainable Development initiative.


This is the first multi-country comparative study of contemporary migrant communities in Africa that uses the concept of inclusive growth.  The growth in a number of African economies has led to an increased migration of people to these economies and industries, but the outcomes for more inclusive development are as yet unclear.

We believe that migrant communities have the potential to make important contributions to sustainable and inclusive growth, both in their countries of origin and in the African countries where they settle, but we do not yet have the data or research to help us understand this and build on it. The overarching aim of the project is to understand whether and to what extent recent migration within and to Africa is contributing to more sustainable and inclusive growth on the continent, and to enable policy-makers and practitioners to harness this knowledge for more inclusive growth.

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Giles Mohan

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