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Storing data

Keeping data safe

The OU's Information Security Team's role is to ensure that OU information and data are kept safe and they offer guidance and tools on how you can best do this. See Information Security (requires login) for details.

  • The Information Security Policies are designed to guide organisational and individual behaviour and decision making.
  • University Information Security Specific policies are mandatory
  • The Information Classification Policy defines the classification of Open University information so that appropriate controls can be applied

Storing live research data

When you are working with live research data, you need to consider all the different actions you need to perform upon your data before choosing the best storage solution. If you are working with personal sensitive information your project workspace will need to be very secure. Large project teams need more complex project management functions to help them control data, to manage file versions and backups.

Data Storage for Research projects: a comparison table: PDF | Word lists five of the more commonly offered central storage solutions for OU researchers.

Researchers within the STEM faculty have access to specialist IT support which they should use in preference to centrally supported storage options outlined in the comparison table. There is more detailed information on OneDrive and Sharepoint within IT support guidance (requires login). For ORDO, see the help and support pages on this site.

Transferring live research data

There are several options for securely transferring data to collaborators during the project outlined in the Data Storage for Research projects: a comparison table (pdf) , but for one-off transfers there is also the ZendTo service, as outlined in the Secure File Transfer guidance from the the IT team.

What if I leave the OU?

If you leave the OU, please make us aware of any research data held on the University's systems or elsewhere, so that we know about it and can properly look after it. You can do this by completing the Handover form for research data

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