We have access to a large number of ebooks from a range of different suppliers. All the ebooks in our library can be read online.

Some of them will provide even more advanced features than those detailed in the video.

Try for yourself

Use the link to go to the Oxford English Dictionary

The ebook version can be accessed by all our students and it can be searched in many different ways making it much more useful and interesting.

The Oxford English Dictionary is in 20 volumes and takes up a large amount of shelf space in a regular library.

You can access all 20 volumes quickly and easily as ebooks in our collection. Take a bit of time to explore the different features of the ebook.

Explore the ebook collection

Use the link to go to the Library Search webpage.

Type in a subject that interests you and conduct a search. Or select a topic from the suggestions below.

Once you have a page of results locate the Resource Type filter option and filter the results by ebook. Take some time to look at different titles we have in the collection and explore the different features different suppliers provide.

You can find out about ejournals from the understanding ejournals page.

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