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ROUTES is mentioned in my module materials

The ROUTES service has now been withdrawn. ROUTES was a service which provided a searchable collection of websites which were selected by academic staff or subject-specialist librarians.

Instead of maintaining this list of websites we now make sure that we teach students the skills to be able to search for, evaluate and manage content as part of our modules. These are skills we all need to be able to manage the large amount of information available to use while studying, and in everyday life too.

If you are required to find your own information, then guidance about how to do this will be included in your module. If you would like some more guidance, there are short activities on the Being Digital site about finding and evaluating content on the internet. For example, effective searching and evaluation using PROMPT.

If you find a mention of ROUTES in module materials or would like some more help finding your own websites please contact the Library helpdesk.