Being digital

Helping you develop essential skills for study, work and lifelong learning

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Being digital is a collection of short, easy to follow activities. They cover the skills we all need to be effective online, whether it’s searching efficiently, critically evaluating information, communicating and sharing online, or selecting the right online tool for your needs.

Being digital can help you develop essential skills for study, work and lifelong learning.


Activities are designed to be short and engaging. You can select individual activities by going to the Activities A-Z or by using the skills finder.


Pathways provide a small selection of learning activities on a particular theme (e.g. finding information, trust online). If you work through the activities in a pathway you will gain a deeper understanding of the topic. Here are some examples; you will find more on the Pathways page.

Communicating Online

Communicating online

How can you ensure your interactions with others online are appropriate and effective? How do you write for different online spaces?

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Trust online

Trust online

How do you know who to trust online? Which information is accurate and reliable? Find out how you can evaluate people, networks and information you find online.

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Assess your skills

Before you start you might like to use the Self-assessment pathway to assess your skills and decide what to focus on.