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When you select a pathway, you will see a number of activities on a particular theme. Pathways allow you to develop a deeper understanding of a topic. You can work through the activities in your chosen pathway in any order.

This is a list of all the pathways available. You can choose to explore individual activities in any order, or follow a pathway containing several activities.

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Assess your skills

Assess your familiarity and confidence with online tools and environments and find out which activities can help you develop your skills further.

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Avoiding plagiarism

Avoiding plagiarism

Learn to recognise what plagiarism is, the forms it can take and how to avoid it by developing your skills. Includes a quiz to test your knowledge.

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Communicating Online

Communicating online

How can you ensure your interactions with others online are appropriate and effective? How do you write for different online spaces?

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Effective Searching

Effective searching

Learn how to focus your search effectively, avoid common searching pitfalls and ensure you retrieve the best information for your needs.

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Exploring your information landscape

Exploring your information landscape

Introducing you to the world of information at your disposal, including the Open University online library and its wide range of resources.

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Keeping up-to-date pathway icon

Keeping up-to-date

Use social networking, blogs, RSS and other tools to keep up-to-date.

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Social networking pathway icon

Making the most of social networking

Find out how social networks can help you to make valuable contacts, keep up-to-date and present yourself effectively online.

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Referencing pathway icon

Referencing your sources

Learn how to reference books, ejournals, module materials and websites with confidence. Each activity includes a quiz to test your understanding.

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The Right Tool For The Job

The right tool for the job

Find out how to evaluate online tools for their relevance to your purpose and use them to best effect.

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Trust online

Trust online

How do you know who to trust online? Which information is accurate and reliable? Find out how you can evaluate people, networks and information you find online.

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