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GICAST is part of CyberASAP 2022/23 program funded by the UK Government's Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and delivered in partnership by Innovate UK and Innovate UK KTN.

What is GICAST ?

GICAST is the first 'Gamified Intelligent Cyber Behaviour Assessment and Skills Training' of its kind, that uses serious games concepts and learner behavioural analytics to offer an intelligent, personalised training and assessment product to help large UK businesses to create lasting security behavioural transformation among their non-IT work-force. The game-play environment of GICAST will offer the end-users a fun, engaging and a safe environment to learn and learner behavioural analytics will help personalise security training based on the individual security behaviour. GICAST will analyse data associated with user's security attitudes, learning styles, perception of risk including how users think, reason, and decide.


Did you know 95% of cyber security breaches are caused due to human errors and the average cost of these breaches is over $3 million. Yet the current cyber security awareness programs are dry, boring, tick-box exercise, documenting only completion rates, offering no real insight into security behaviour of the workforce.

GICAST’s mission is to “Transform humans from being weakest link to strongest allies in cyber security”



















GICAST Track Record- Impact generation

GICAST was originally funded by Nesta and Department for Education and the current version of GICAST consists of 8 games coupled with personalized training content and is hosted as a Badged Open Course on the OpenLearn Platform.

You can access the GICAST course free here - Register to GICAST FREE

The impact of the previous version of GICAST is indicated by the following statistics:


  • 200000 learners have accessed the course.
  • 10582 learners have enrolled and 1260 have completed the course.


  • 30% of learners are female.
  • 33% of our learners belong to BAME.


  • 81% of our learners completed the course for professional development.

  • 77% of our learners felt the games helped them understand the cyber security concepts better.

  • 80% of our learners felt the analogy-driven scenarios in the game helped them recall the key concepts and cyber security practices.


We have received funding from the Innovate UK to extend the current version of GICAST into a proof of concept(PoC) that will :

Improve the in-game intelligence, learner behaviour analytics and lay the foundations for the SaaS platform that will facilitate the sales and access control

We are Looking for Early Adopters / Evaluators

We are looking for evaluators and early adopters for GICAST for a period of three months starting March 2023. Any UK-based business will be eligible to be our evaluators. In return we request, the businesses to provide feedback on GICAST and its impact on the training budget, effectiveness and overall security of their organization.

If you are interested to know more about GICAST contact the Program lead: Dr. Chitra Balakrishna -