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Dr Tarek Rashwan

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Applied smouldering for co-waste management: Benefits and trade-offs (2023-02)
Rashwan, Tarek L; Fournie, Taryn; Green, Megan; Duchesne, Alexandra L.; Brown, Joshua K.; Grant, Gavin P.; Torero, José L. and Gerhard, Jason I.
Fuel Processing Technology, 240, Article 107542

Investigation of multi-dimensional transfer effects in applied smouldering systems: A 2D numerical modelling approach (2022-12)
Miry, Seyed Ziaedin; Zanoni, Marco A.B.; Rashwan, Tarek L.; Torero, José L. and Gerhard, Jason I.
Combustion and Flame, 246, Article 112385

Exploring PCDD/Fs and potentially toxic elements in sewage sludge during smouldering treatment (2022-09-01)
Fournie, T.; Rashwan, T. L.; Switzer, C.; Grant, G. P. and Gerhard, J. I.
Journal of Environmental Management, 317, Article 115384

Exploring the governing transport mechanisms of corrosive agents in a Canadian deep geological repository (2022-07-01)
Rashwan, Tarek; Asad, Md. Abdullah; Molnar, Ian L.; Behazin, Mehran; Keech, Peter G. and Krol, Magdalena M.
Science of The Total Environment, 828, Article 153944

Phosphorus recovery and reuse potential from smouldered sewage sludge ash (2022-01-01)
Fournie, T.; Rashwan, T. L.; Switzer, C. and Gerhard, J. I.
Waste Management, 137 (pp. 241-252)

Application of self-sustaining smouldering combustion for the destruction of wastewater biosolids (2016-04)
Rashwan, Tarek; Gerhard, Jason I. and Grant, Gavin P.
Waste Management, 50 (pp. 201-212)