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LHCS renews its Athena Swan Bronze Award

LHCS has renewed its Athena Swan Bronze Award. This award recognises our efforts to support all our staff and students through inclusive and equitable practices and our continuing commitment to achieving gender equality.

To learn about our Athena Swan action plan and some of the outcomes from our activities, please visit our Equality and Diversity Page:


‘Thank you very much to all of the LHCS Athena Swan self-assessment team for their commitment and hard work. We will keep up the good work and continue to make changes that matter for all our staff and students.’

Jane Loughlin (co-chair LHCS Athena Swan SAT)



Funding success: Understanding radio resistance in paediatric brain cancer

LHCS researchers Golding, Crea, Bacon and Stramek have assembled an international team to examine the genetic changes that occur in response to radiotherapy in the highly aggressive childhood brain cancer, known as DIPG.

1st July 2021
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