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At undergraduate level we currently offer three main routes leading to a BSc Honours degree:

The BSc (Honours) Health Sciences (Q71) is ideal for students interested in the science behind our health – from our individual health, to global issues such as epidemics or the treatment of people with dementia. It’s particularly relevant for those working in health-related professions, or are thinking about doing so. Students study the essential scientific concepts underpinning the function of the human mind and body; the incidence, diagnosis and treatment of disease and disability; and the maintenance and improvement of health in different populations. Innovative online collaborative and virtual experiences help you to investigative science skills.

The BSc (Honours) Biology (R58) explores biology from the cellular and molecular levels to whole organism survival. Biology encompasses all living species, explaining their diversity via evolutionary origins. It defines their anatomy and structure, describes their physiology and behaviour, and provides scientific rationales for their habitat requirements and ecosystem interactions. Students will develop analytical and scientific literacy skills by carrying out practical work and a research project. Biology is also available as one of the specialist routes through the BSc (Hons) Natural Sciences (Q64) degree, which gives the opportunity to combine biology with a wider range of other sciences.

BSc (Honours) Chemistry (R59) explores the structure, properties and reactivity of molecules. This fundamental knowledge plays an integral role in our understanding of the world. Chemistry is a broad subject – including organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry and analytical chemistry and can include other fields such as biological chemistry and environmental chemistry. Students will gain a thorough understanding of the subject while developing your analytical and scientific literacy skills. Chemistry is also available as one of the specialist routes through the BSc (Hons) Natural Sciences (Q64) degree which give the opportunity to combine chemistry with wider range of other sciences.

Additionally, the BSc (Honours) Combined STEM is a flexible degree that allows you to build your own degree from a wide range of STEM modules and study routes, including psychology and sports science – this means you can build a qualification that's unique to you.

At taught postgraduate level we currently offer an MSc in Mental Health Science.  

In addition we offer diplomas and certificates in biology, chemistry and health sciences as well as a large number of short modules and free learning resources on Openlearn.

For more information about studying biology, chemistry or health science at the Open University, click on the links above. Our modules are supported by module team staff and by a large group of part-time associate lecturer staff based around the UK and Ireland.


Funding success: Understanding radio resistance in paediatric brain cancer

LHCS researchers Golding, Crea, Bacon and Stramek have assembled an international team to examine the genetic changes that occur in response to radiotherapy in the highly aggressive childhood brain cancer, known as DIPG.

1st July 2021
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