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What is an online library and why use it?

Home News What is an online library and why use it?

What is an online library?
The OU Library provides you with access to an amazing range of online resources to explore the subjects you are passionate about.  We will also help you to develop skills that will support you as you study, at work or in everyday life.

Why use the online library?
The online library gives you access to quality-assured and trusted resources that are selected and assessed by subject specialists and academics.

[[[image-0 medium left]]]Janet Morris is a level 1 student studying for a Bachelor of Law degree and she uses the library to find legal articles and journals which are relevant for her course. She didn’t feel ready to go to University after studying law at college and is studying with the OU alongside her current job in risk governance.  She uses the library at least once a week to find relevant and trustworthy legal articles to help her with her assignments:

The credible source allowed me to write an informative answer to my TMA and ensured the information was correct and relevant.”



There is an extensive range of journals and magazines, academic books, newspapers, images, dictionaries and encyclopaedias which you can use to:

  • Find information for your assignments or projects
  • Explore further reading for your module
  • Carry out in-depth research or explore specific subjects

[[[image-1 medium right]]]Alan Spence is a postgraduate student new to OU study.  He is delighted with the range of images available from the online library and uses them extensively in his TMAs.  Keith Cooper is studying for a History degree and is researching education in the seventeenth century for his module:

I’ve got access to some letters dating from the 1670’s.  It was like opening a door and discovering this massive building beyond it, with all sorts of different rooms in it.”

So why not try it for yourself?  If you need any help finding a specific resource a librarian is available to support you 24/7 on webchat.  Details are on every page of the library website.  Alternatively you can always get in touch with us via the Library helpdesk