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Mobile apps

OU Study app icon

OU Study

OU Study is the new companion app for OU Module websites. The app is being rolled out until September 2021, and will eventually replace the OU Anywhere app.

Our Story 2 app icon

Our Story 2

Our Story 2 enables young children with their parents/caregivers to take part in fun activities which can help develop interests and skills that will be relevant to them when they start to read.

Virtual Inclusion app icon

Virtual Inclusion

This app offers you the chance to experience a day in the life of a young person from a socially excluded community and learn how you can promote social inclusion in your own life.

Virtual Oceans app icon

Virtual Oceans VR

The Virtual Oceans VR app provides users with a unique, innovative opportunity to experience a series of dives at key locations in the world’s oceans in a submersible.

Open Justice VR app icon

Open Justice VR

The Open Justice VR app will help you develop your presentation skills. It allows you to prepare, deliver and record a presentation in a virtual reality environment.

The Human Heart app icon

The Human Heart

The Human Heart is designed to support and enhance the learning of the structure and function of the heart as part of module SK299, or as a stand-alone app. It consists of an anatomically accurate heart which can be viewed in three dimensions, in cross section and also as a ‘zoomed in’ virtual exploration.

Sport and Fitness app icon

Sport and Fitness

The Sport and Fitness app is designed to support and enhance the learning of Level 1 Sport and Fitness Students studying The Open University module E117 Introduction to Sport and Fitness.

AMI Sports: Golf app icon

AMI Sports: Golf

Built by sports scientists, controlled by you: Performance, training, and wellness optimization. AMI Sports are proud to bring you an Athlete Monitoring Intelligence platform for Golf.

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