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Leadership Learning Clubs

What is a Leadership Learning Club?

A Leadership Learning Club is a bespoke blended learning programme which brings CVSL’s online learners together to learn in a supportive environment – face to face or via online technology.  Leadership Learning Clubs may be geographically, organisationally or virtually based and wrap around the content of one or both of CVSL’s online leadership courses.  They provide an opportunity to develop relationships with fellow participants, learning from one another, whilst also learning from the CVSL team’s ongoing research.  Participants commit to working through the online courses on timelines agreed with other participants; sharing their own challenges and experiences in learning club sessions; and reflecting on those challenges and experiences together, informed by research concepts and ideas.

When you join a CVSL Leadership Learning Club, you are joining a community of learners focused on developing leadership that makes a difference in society – often without the authority of senior positions or significant resources. Leadership Learning clubs provide opportunities for peer learning, in addition they help in building up trust – a vital ingredient in collaboration and partnership building. We will invite you to join us in future research and learning opportunities, as we learn from one another.

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How is a Leadership Club facilitated?

There are three forms of Leadership Learning clubs, with different implications for facilitation and resourcing:

  1. The CVSL facilitated club: facilitated by a core member of the CVSL team, who will provide access to key researchers, develop the learning community, manage the dynamics and interactions of club sessions, and spend time understanding and responding to the learning needs of individual participants.
  2. The self-facilitated club: facilitated by a local infrastructure organisation, key individual, or organisation, who will host sessions with an understanding of local needs.
  3. A tailored leadership development programme: designed to meet the needs of an organisation or group of learners, adapting online course content, and drawing in researchers to share key insights that are relevant to your context.


Dr Peta Wilkinson, Chief Executive of Willen Hospice and OU alumna, discusses the benefits gained from her involvement as a participant in one of CVSL's Learning Clubs.

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