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Small Charity Week 2020

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Collaborating in Extraordinary Times


Welcome to the Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership’s (CVSL) online event for Small Charity Week 2020.

The event is focussed on the challenges associated with the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic in England and looks at both what the impact has been on organisations and what the future is likely to hold as we progress further out of lockdown whilst maintaining restrictions on our movements and activities. 

We explore how the work of academics associated with CVSL can help us to understand these challenges and prepare for the future.

We’ll hear from several practitioners in the sections below. 

Our thanks in particular goes out to Clare Walton, Chief Executive of Community Action: Milton Keynes, and Ian Revell, CEO of Milton Keynes Community Foundation for taking part in recordings for the event.

Lunch and Learn Event

On Thursday 18 June we hosted a live one-hour discussion on the current issues the voluntary sector is facing in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. We focussed on how the concepts of collaboration and leadership can help us as we emerge out of lockdown and into an uncertain new environment. We explored how the work of academics associated with CVSL can help us to understand these challenges and prepare for the future. The content of the session was framed by questions and contributions from participants working through the sections of these online resources.

If you have any questions about the content on these pages or have experienced your own challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic that you’d like to discuss with us please get in touch. For more information about our courses and research please click here.

To access each section please just click the links below.

Section 1
Extraordinary Times – The Voluntary Sector in the Covid-19 Pandemic

This section introduces some of the current issues faced by organisations in the voluntary sector, through a discussion with Clare from Community Action: Milton Keynes and Ian from Milton Keynes Community Foundation. 

Section 2
Introduction to Collaboration – why is it important in both the current and future context?

This section introduces collaboration and why it is important for voluntary sector organisations both in the current context and as we progress into the future.

Section 3
Leaders and Leadership

The section introduces Leadership as a concept.

Section 4
Collaborative Leadership in the Voluntary Sector

The previous sections have explored the importance of collaboration and of leadership in the voluntary sector. But what about when you put these two concepts together?

Section 5
Thank You and Closing Remarks