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Disputed Landscapes

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Time Media Covered Community Solutions to Zika - Andrea Berardi

Decision-makers have a clear choice: an expensive, foreign-controlled approach, or a community-owned solution that relies on naturally occurring predators.


12 February 2016, 15:28
Community_Owned_Solutions_Tomatoes image

Tradition v Progress - Andrea Berardi

Rather than tradition versus progress, a community-owned solutions approach is about control and who decides which practices should be supported.


12 February 2016, 14:13
Community-Owned Solutions poster image

Community-Owned Solutions: Key to Sustainability - Andrea Berardi

To prevent generic approaches to development that undermine existing local solutions, marginalised groups must be involved in decision-making.

12 February 2016, 12:49
eco_drone image

Dawn of the Eco-drones? - Andrea Berardi

Could a new breed of 'eco-drones' offer a cost-effective and accessible way for communities to monitor deforestation and environmental degradation?

21 July 2015, 14:12
David Humphreys image

The Rights of Mother Earth - David Humphreys

The notion of nature's rights is gaining traction and is likely to feature more prominently in development discourse and ideas of social justice.

21 July 2015, 14:10
Pantanî Blog image

Pantanî Blog: Indigenous Youngsters Share Worldview - Géraud de Ville

Géraud de Ville reports on Pantanî Blog, a digital storytelling project which broadcasts indigenous stories and worldviews.

21 July 2015, 14:07
Geraud de Ville's blog image

Civil Society Key to Global Environmental Challenges - Géraud de Ville

Five research projects present strong evidence that solutions delivered at a local level result in sustainable actions that protect the environment.

21 July 2015, 14:01
Andrea Berardi with boa constrictor image

The Amazon: It's Time Indigenous Voices Were Heard - Andrea Berardi

Andrea Berardi argues that it's time indigenous communities were allowed to take control of the messages that are told about them.

21 July 2015, 13:57

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