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PGR Supervisors Library checklist


Some services listed may currently be affected by Coronavirus restrictions. Please check the links below for further information and updates regarding service availability.


This checklist highlights Library advice, information and resources designed to support supervisors of students registered for a research degree at The Open University.

A PDF file of this checklist is available for you to download and view offline at your convenience The Open University PGR Supervisors Library checklist (pdf)


Discover key services for researchers

Familiarise yourself with the services available to your student(s) by visiting the Services for You page on the Library website.

Find out more about permissions needed to include third-party copyright materials in a doctoral thesis

The process of seeking permission to use copyrighted content should be considered by your student(s) as early as possible. Explore our Copyright and your Thesis podcast and guide (log-in required), where we provide details of how, when and why to seek permission to include third-party copyrighted material in a doctoral thesis, as well as what to do if your student is pursuing a PhD by published works.

Read our plagiarism guidance for Postgraduate Researchers

There are additional complexities regarding referencing and plagiarism that PGRs may face. This plagiarism guide (log-in required) was designed with them in mind. Why not take a look for yourself and encourage your student(s) to work through this guide to test their understanding?

Ask your student(s) to look out for training workshops offered by Library Research Support Team

We offer a range of training across different areas designed to support Postgraduate Researchers. Talk to your student(s) about the training sessions we offer and encourage them to sign up. 

Help your student(s) learn about tools that will help them to manage their references

See the Bibliographic management page on the Library website.

Further steps   

Find out about our Document Delivery and Inter-library Loan services

You and your student(s) can use the Document Delivery and Inter-library Loan services to get items that the Library doesn’t have in stock 

Help your student(s) to learn about data management plans (DMP) and encourage them to write their own

See the Research Data Management webpages to learn what a data management plan (DMP) is, learn what research funders expect from a DMP and find guidance on writing a DMP. You can also contact us to request that we review a draft DMP for you.

Find out about ORO

ORO is The Open University’s open access repository. The University Code of Practice for Research states that all applicable research publications should be deposited on ORO. ORO disseminates the outcomes from our research, helping to facilitate its impact, influence on policy and practice and ability to change lives for the better. Your student(s) will be required to upload their thesis to ORO upon completion. This copy of their work will be openly available, unless an embargo is agreed at the start of their studies. Work with your student(s) to familiarise them with ORO and discuss the potential benefits open sharing can bring.

Discuss adding your student’s data to ORDO upon project completion

ORDO is The Open University’s research data repository, where Open University researchers can upload their data for long-term preservation and, where appropriate, sharing – at the end of a project or supporting a publication. Data stored in ORDO will be kept for a minimum of ten years after project completion. Published data will be given a DataCite digital object identifier (DOI), providing a permanent, citable web link. Encouraging your student to upload their data here at the end of their research project will help to preserve the data long-term and allow other researchers to potentially benefit from their work.

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