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BrowZine for iOS and Android

BrowZine allows you to browse, read and follow scholarly journals in a visual display designed for your smartphone or tablet. It is particularly useful for finding relevant journals you may not have used before. BrowZine can help you find ideas for new paper topics, places to publish your work, or increase your awareness of what is being discussed in your field. Please note that this is a library subscribed third-party app, for the entire OU community to use. 

NARRATOR: With all of the information available today, how do you stay current in your field?

When beginning your research, how do you find something that you don't know how to look for?

How would your experience with Twitter or Facebook be different if it was only a search engine?

These are similar challenges that students, faculty, researchers, and physicians face every day when the primary tools they are given to interact with literature are a series of search boxes.

With all of the information being produced in scholarly journals and acquired by libraries, it can be a challenge to present this fountain of knowledge to users in a way that informs and inspires, not just return search results. Now with BrowZine, there is a service dedicated to complement the powerful search tools with an equally powerful browsing experience that presents the contents of thousands of academic journals in an exciting and easy to use new way. BrowZine is a serendipitous discovery tool that visually displays your journals in a three tier taxonomy, organised by area of study.

For students, BrowZine provides an opportunity to gain familiarity with a new area of study, hoping to learn more about what is being discussed in the current scholarly discourse. This knowledge can help inspire fresh topics from research papers or help foster continued interest in the field by broadening horizons beyond their classwork. Simply navigate or search the taxonomy to find the appropriate subject area to the various journal covers to start exploring.

For more experienced researchers, BrowZine can help them track their favourite journals on my bookshelf. This personalisation feature allows you to receive alerts on their mobile device when new issues are published, hoping to foster awareness of current trends in their field. As well as also learn about new journals they may not be familiar with that they have access to through their library.

The BrowZine service is available at as well as on iOS and Android phones and tablets and sponsored by the library. Users can download and save articles on mobile devices for later reading as well as share citations over Twitter. Or file papers away with other services such as Endnote, RefWorks, Mendeley, Zotero, Dropbox, and others, making it easy to incorporate browsing into a powerful scholarly reading workflow.

Browse, discover, organise and optimise the way you interact with your favourite journals. Be inspired with BrowZine.

What can BrowZine do? 

With BrowZine you can: 

  • Browse titles by subject to find journals of interest 
  • view table of contents of current and past journals 
  • Create a personal bookshelf of favourite journals 
  • Save articles to EndNote, Mendeley, Zotero, RefWorks, Dropbox, and other services 
  • Share with other researchers by posting to Facebook, Twitter and more 

Where can I get the BrowZine app? 

You can download the BrowZine app for free.

BrowZine accessibility 

Visit the accessibility statement for BrowZine mobile applications for Android and iOS for information on the app’s accessibility.