OU Study Materials

The Open University has been delivering modules/courses to students since 1971. The Study Materials collection is a comprehensive archive, including printed, audio/visual, multimedia and web materials. The collection also includes associated materials, such as transcripts of audio/visual content, set books, prospectuses and a selection of home experiment kits. The OU Digitral Archive collection of Study Materials contains a sample of the full archive. The collection will grow as further materials are added

Image of OU Study Materials
Title Module Code Resource Type Start Date
Post-colonial literatures in EnglishA421Module1993
The oral history projectA422Module1994
Display and devotion: religious painting in Italy, 1300-1500A424Module2002
Evangelicals, women and community in nineteenth-century BritainA425Module1995
Good breeding: science and society in a Darwinian ageA426Module2001
Charles Booth and social investigation in Britain 1850-1914A427Module1997
The Roman familyA428Module1997
Post-colonial literatures in English: readings and interpretationsA430Module2003
Applying virtue ethicsA432Module2001
The professions in early modern England, c.1450-1800A433Module2003
The 18th century novelA811Module1996
Poetry and criticism 1830-1890A812Module1996
Literature and nation: Britain and India 1800-1990A813Module2000
Short dissertation module (literature)A818Module1997
Long dissertation module (literature)A819Module1997
British cinema history 1930-1995A821Module1998
Crime and policing in Europe since c.1750A822Module1998
Popular American film 1945-1995A823Module1999
Social problems,socialthought & socialaction in urban Britain1870-1914A824Module2002
Short dissertation module (history)A828Module1999