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An overview celebrating 50 years of research at The Open University.

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video preview image for What is Astrobiology? Video What is Astrobiology?Dr. Susanne Schwenzer, Dr. Vic Pearson and Dr Karen Olsson-Francis discuss Astrobiology2019
video preview image for Walton Hall Campus Image Walton Hall CampusAerial view of the Walton Hall campus in the first year of the university's existence.1969
video preview image for The Institute of Educational Technology Video The Institute of Educational TechnologyWilliam Prescott talks about the Institute of Educational Technology at The Open University1973
video preview image for Stuart Hall and OU Research Video Stuart Hall and OU ResearchTaken from Vice Chancellor John Horlock's Valedictory lecture. Stuart Hall talks about research at...23 June 1990
video preview image for Stuart Hall Image Stuart HallPortrait photograph of Stuart Hall (1932-2014), Professor of Sociology from 1979 to 1997.1985
video preview image for Sensors on the Huygens probe Video Sensors on the Huygens probeProfessor John Zarnecki describes the sensors on the Huygens probe2005
video preview image for S100 Moth Research Video S100 Moth ResearchPeggy Varley talks about the survey of peppered moth populations for the S100 Science Foundation...1971
video preview image for Research facilities at The Open University Video Research facilities at The Open UniversityDr Julia Barkans, Head of Laboratory Facilities at The Open University, talks about the OU's...2018
video preview image for Regius Professor Royal Warrant Image Regius Professor Royal WarrantRoyal warrant conferring a Regius Professorship of Professor of Open Education at The Open...2013
video preview image for Reading experiences across the world Video Reading experiences across the worldDr Shafquat Towheed, Lecturer in Book History at The Open University directs the innovative...2013
audio record of Audio Professor Steven Rose Oral History InterviewSteven Rose Oral History interview recorded with Hilary Young (interviewer) 12th May 20092009
audio record of Audio Professor Marc Eisenstadt Oral History InterviewMarc Eisenstadt Oral History interview recorded with Hilary Young (interviewer) 4th June 20092009
audio record of Audio Professor Jocelyn Bell Burnell Oral History InterviewOral History interview with Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell and Hilary Young (interviewer) on the 12th...2009
video preview image for Pitch and frequency Video Pitch and frequencyKeith Attenborough discusses pitch and frequency06 July 1985
video preview image for PhDs and Professional Doctorates at the Open University, UK Video PhDs and Professional Doctorates at the Open University, UKThe Open University has 900+ research students, both on campus in Milton Keynes, around the world...2019
video preview image for Oxford Research Unit Video Oxford Research UnitDescription of the Oxford Research Unit of the Open University at Foxcombe Hall, Oxford. Dr. David...13 August 1978
video preview image for OU academic awarded for research in the autism field Video OU academic awarded for research in the autism fieldDr Ilona Roth, OU Senior Lecturer in Psychology, was awarded the Outstanding Impact of Research on...2018
audio record of Audio OU Research in 1969Professor Steven Rose describes the importance of research and the early research facilities at The...2009
audio record of Audio ORO (Open Research Online)Research Support Librarian Chris Biggs talks about the ORO (Open Research Online) database and some...2019
video preview image for Notable Publications Image Notable PublicationsA display of publications by Open University academics.2019
video record Video Multi-view Table Tennis Ball Tracking ResultsThis video contains the ball detection and tracking results of multi-view table tennis sequences....2019
video preview image for Mike Pentz, Peggy Varley and Steven Rose Image Mike Pentz, Peggy Varley and Steven RoseDean of Science Mike Pentz and Academics Peggy Varley and Steven Rose on the set of one of the...1971
video preview image for Micros in Schools Image Micros in SchoolsTeaching and other promotional material from The Open University’s “Micros in Schools”...
video preview image for Mexico City Video Mexico CityProfessor Doreen Massey views Mexico City from a helicopter1999
audio record of Audio Marc EisenstadtProfessor Marc Eisenstadt describes setting up the Knowledge Media Institute (KMI)2009
video preview image for KMI Directors Image KMI DirectorsPast Directors of KMI (The Knowledge Management Institute) at The Open University, Includes Marc...2015
video preview image for Isostasy Video IsostasyIan Gass discusses isostacy1971
video preview image for Ian Wright Image Ian WrightProfessor Ian Wright, Professor of Planetary Sciences, Principal Investigator for the Ptolemy...2014
video preview image for Eye-witness identification, Dr Catriona Havard Video Eye-witness identification, Dr Catriona HavardCatriona Havard talking after the Centre for Policing Research and Learning's Social Media Workshop...2017
video preview image for Energy Research Group Video Energy Research GroupDr Steve Cousins of the Energy Research Group at The Open University discusses the groups research...13 November 1983
video preview image for DESMOND micro computer Video DESMOND micro computerChildren use an OU DESMOND (Digital Electronic System Made Of Nifty Devices) micro computer28 March 1985
video preview image for Colin Pillinger Image Colin PillingerProfessor Colin Pillinger (1943-2014) with a model of the Beagle 2 Mars lander2003
video preview image for China in Africa Video China in AfricaIs China ripping off Africa, as some people claim? Giles Mohan, Professor of International...2013
video preview image for Call for UK schools to embrace technologies Video Call for UK schools to embrace technologiesThere is a mismatch between the IT skills schoolchildren develop in their homes and their...2016
audio record of Audio Brain Research GroupSteven Rose discusses setting up the Brain Research Group at The Open University2009
video preview image for BepiColombo mission to Mercury Video BepiColombo mission to MercuryThe BepiColombo spacecraft blasted off into space, bound for Mercury in the early hours of Saturday...2018
video preview image for Alternative Technology Group Video Alternative Technology GroupGodfrey Boyle of the Alternative Technology Group describes the Wind Power Project being undertaken...13 November 1983