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The OU comes to Alexandra Palace

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Audio clip: Catherine King
Duration: 00:01:13
Date: 2009
Audio clip: Robin Wilson
Duration: 00:05:06
Date: 2009

David Kennard described the facilities for OU programme production at Alexandra Palace in 1970:

“The main resources in 1970 comprised one TV studio (1700 sq. ft.), three monochrome cameras, two pairs of Ampex two-inch video tape recorders, one Telecine (for film and slide projection), four film cutting rooms, a ‘prep’ lab, a small visual effects unit, and a photographic studio with black-and-white processing facilities.”

In an oral history interview recorded in 2009 ex-OU staff member George Low spoke about working at Alexandra Palace:

“It was this ancient sort of, ‘1920s, early BBC days’, which they’d taken over again when it was almost a museum piece, and [they] had to refit it for transmission of OU programmes. And when we went there it was still a bit like a museum, and the studios were still being refitted. And, it had a certain charm too with the surroundings, the park and so on. And, so although it was a bit bizarre, and weird, it also had its charm.”

On this page you can listen to extracts from oral history interviews made in 2009 where OU staff talk about what it was like working at Alexandra Palace during the 1970s.

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