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Legacy Teaching Videos

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Image : Dr. Alex Barber
Date: 2021
Portrait photograph of Professor Cristina Chimisso.
Image : Professor Cristina Chimisso
Date: 2021

This theme is comprised of five legacy teaching videos (covering Descartes, logic, personal identity and Wittgenstein) from the 1970s and 1980s in addition to two articles written by Godfrey Vesey, founding Professor of Philosophy at The Open University. Vesey’s articles were originally published in the inaugural volume of the journal Teaching Philosophy and recount early teaching practices at the OU. They have been made freely available courtesy of the Philosophy Documentation Center. 

Accompanying the above are essays by two current members of staff in Philosophy. Dr. Alex Barber has written an essay on the teaching videos and Prof. Cristina Chimisso has written an essay on Vesey’s articles. 




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