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Centrality of performance

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(Part of an online exhibition created by OU Associate Lecturer Brendan Jackson in 2014)

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Clip 2: A361 Play Interpretation
Duration: 00:02:20
Date: 1984
Clip 3: A205 Richard II and Performance
Duration: 00:02:14
Date: 1990
Clip 4: A205 Play Interpretation
Duration: 00:00:52
Date: 1990

In order to illustrate both the variety of approaches and also the common ground shared by ‘stakeholders’ in Shakespeare who have different starting-points, here are three short clips, the first by an Open University academic, Cicely Palser-Havely (Clip 2), the second by David Giles, who directed a starry cast in Richard II for BBC Television (Clip 3), and the third by the celebrated actor Jeremy Irons (Clip 4). Each approaches Shakespeare’s plays from a different perspective, but all are united in their insistence on the centrality of performance.

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