Senior Open University staff: (left to right) Mike Pentz, first Dean of Science; Geoffrey Holister, first Dean of Technology; Maxim Bruckheimer, first Dean of Mathematics; John Ferguson, first Dean of Arts; Walter Perry, first Vice-Chancellor; and Anastasias Christodoulou, first University Secretary.
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Date: 02-11-1970
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Subject(s): Adult education, Open learning, Distance education, Higher Education
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People: Michael Pentz 1924–1995, Geoffrey Holister, Maxim Bruckheimer, John Ferguson 1921-1989, Walter Perry 1921-2003, Anastasios Christodoulou 1932-2002
Keyword(s): Mike Pentz; Geoffrey Holister; Maxim Bruckheimer; John Ferguson; Walter Perry; Anastasias Christodoulou; Dean of Science; Dean of Arts; Dean of Technology; Dean of Mathematics
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