Metadata describing this Open University module
Title: Science: the weather
Module code: SG089
Module dates: 2013-2018
Module status: Current
Faculty: Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
Keyword(s): SG089, Science: the weather, Open University
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OU level: OU Level 0 Below HE
Hours of study: Approximately 100 hours of study
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Educational level: Below HE
JACS code: F761
JACS description: Meteorology
Module type: OU module
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Presentation: SG089 2014B
Start date: 01-Feb-14
End date: 31-Jul-15
78 weeks
Presentation: SG089 2015B
Start date: 01-Feb-15
End date: 31-Jul-16
78 weeks
Presentation: SG089 2016B
Start date: 01-Feb-16
End date: 31-Jul-17
78 weeks
Presentation: SG089 2017B
Start date: 01-Feb-17
End date: 31-Jul-18
78 weeks
Presentation: SG089 2018B
Start date: 01-Feb-18
End date: 31-Jul-19
78 weeks
Presentation: SG089 2013B
Start date: 02-Feb-13
End date: 31-Jul-14
78 weeks
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