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Jeff was one of the OU’s first PhD graduates in 1974 with his Life Science PhD "The Effects Of Early Visual Experience On Cerebral RNA Metabolism In The Young Chick." From a working-class family and born in a deprived area of Bradford, he started on the route to an academic career by passing the 11+ and attending Bradford Grammar School. He was the first member of his immediate family to go to university. Following his childhood obsession with science fiction, he chose to study the then emerging new science discipline of biochemistry at Edinburgh University. His fascination with the cutting-edge area of neuroscience led him to ...Professor Steven Rose at Imperial College, London, the leading academic and researcher in the area, who became his PhD supervisor. Professor Rose then moved to the OU and Jeff followed. His experiences of working with OU staff on writing and teaching of new OU courses whilst doing his PhD left a lasting impression on him, so much so that after a 25 career in the Faculty of Medicine, firstly at Leeds University and then Edinburgh, he changed direction to the Faculty of Education to work on incorporating the use of digital technology in higher education. As well as being a prolific and respected author, he later became Vice Principal with responsibility for IT, library and digital education. In a synchronistic circle, Jeff collaborated with the OU late in his career through his involvement with the Future Learn program.
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Title: Professor Jeff Haywood Interview
Interviewer: Elizabeth Currie
Abstract: Jeff Haywood discusses his undergradute and PhD experiences, his personal life during his studies, his career as an Emeritus Professor at the University of Edinburgh, as well as his memories of filming TV programmes and studying at the OU.
Date of interview: 23-03-21
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