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Student H left school with no qualifications. He was imprisoned aged eighteen in the Cages (Compounds of the Maze and Long Kesh Prison) and Magilligan Prison in the 1970s. After his release he became a youth and community worker and completed his professional youth work training in England. He was arrested and imprisoned in Full Sutton Prison in the 1990s where he took a GCSE in Craft Design and Technology. In 1995 he started his Open University studies in Social Sciences. During that year he was transferred to Maghaberry Prison and subsequently to the INLA (Irish National Liberation Army) wing in the H Blocks (the Maze and Long Kesh Prison) where he continued his Open University studies until his release in 1999. He subsequently gained a postgraduate qualification in Community Development at the University of Ulster and at the time of interview in 2012 was working with young people in the community.
Metadata describing this person
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Republican
Project person ID: 043_S
Interviewee role: studied in prison, 1995-1999
Location where studied: H Blocks The Maze and Long Kesh; Maghaberry Prison County Antrim