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Raymond McCartney attended St Columb’s College in Derry and left in 1972 just after Bloody Sunday. He was interned in the Cages (Compounds of the Maze and Long Kesh prison) between 1973-1975. He was imprisoned in 1977 in the H Blocks (the Maze and Long Kesh Prison) joined the Blanket Protest during which in 1980 he spent 53 days on hunger strike. He began to engage in formal education after the Protest from 1982 and started studying Social Sciences with The Open University in 1984. He took a year out of studying in 1990 as he was on the Republican Camp Staff in charge of Republican Prisoners. He gained his degree in 1992 and was released in 1994. He continued studying with The Open University and completed his honours degree after his release and then attended Magee Campus of the University of Ulster to study for a Masters Degree in Peace and Conflict Studies. At the time of interview in 2011, Raymond was a Sinn Féin Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) Foyle at the Northern Ireland Assembly and was involved in the International Department and the Justice Committee of the Assembly.
Metadata describing this person
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Republican
Project person ID: 030_S
Interviewee role: studied in prison, 1984-1994
Location where studied: H Blocks The Maze and Long Kesh