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Pat Jess graduated in Geography from Queen’s University Belfast. She was an Open University Social Sciences Tutor from 1972 until 1986. She was appointed as Open University Staff Tutor in Social Sciences based in the Belfast Office in 1979. She remained in this post until her retirement in 2009. Pat tutored students studying Social Sciences and Geography modules in the Compounds and H Blocks of the Maze and Long Kesh Prison and Armagh Gaol 1979-1986. As Social Sciences Staff Tutor she was responsible for organizing Social Sciences tutors for students in prison 1979-2009. Pat was a founding member of the Ireland Oral History Project in 20...10 which later became the ‘Time to think’ Project. She has been closely involved in developing and planning the project and has been one of the interviewers.
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Title: I was going in to tutor students
Description: Pat Jess former Open University Staff Tutor in Geography in Ireland responds to a question about tutoring ‘terrorists’ from David Smyth one of the students she tutored in the Compounds (the Maze and Long Kesh Prison) in the 1980s.
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