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Jane Nelson was appointed in 1970 as the first Staff Tutor for The Open University in Northern Ireland. In 1972 she worked with Elizabeth Kennedy the Welfare Officer for Long Kesh Internment Camp to enable internees to study with The Open University. Jane acted as academic counsellor for the internee students and brought in visiting academics to give additional seminars for them.  She was Science Staff Tutor until her retirement in 2001 and in her Staff Tutor role arranged the tutorial provision for Science students in the prisons in Ireland. Jane also taught Open University Science modules in the Compounds and H Blocks of the Maze and Kesh Prison from the early 1970s until 2001. Jane’s academic background is in Chemistry; she qualified with a BSc MSc and PhD from Queen’s University Belfast Chemistry Department where from 1995 she held an Honorary Professorship. Jane became a Member of the Royal Irish Academy in 1996 and was promoted to become Professor of Chemistry at The Open University in 2001.
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Title: They have to have an outlet and The Open University can give them one.
Description: Jane Nelson recalls just after her appointment to the newly founded Open University in 1971 finding out about the Long Kesh Internment Camp being built. She describes the invitation from a prison social worker Miss Kennedy for The Open University to come into the Internment Camp.
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