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John Campbell was a British Liberal/Whig politician and lawyer. He was born in Fife, Scotland, the son of a parish minister. He moved to London and trained as a lawyer at Lincoln’s Inn. In 1830 he became MP for Stafford and remained as an MP until 1841 when he was made Lord High Chancellor of Ireland. That year the Conservatives won the election and Campbell turned to more literary endeavours. After the Whigs were returned to power in 1846, he subsequently held positions including Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Chief Justice of the Queen’s Bench. He was made Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain in 1859.
Metadata describing this person
Name: John Campbell
Title: Lord
Also known as: 1st Baron Campbell
Gender: Male
Nationality: English
Date of birth: 1779
Date of death: 1861
Role: Politician
Event: Politician
Project person ID: SLP018