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Brendan Mackin is from Belfast. He left school at fourteen and started correspondence courses with the Trades Union Congress in London. He was imprisoned in Crumlin Road Gaol in 1972 and participated in political education classes. He was one of the Official IRA prisoners on Hunger Strike in 1972 for political status and one of their negotiators. After the granting of Special Category Status he was moved in 1973 to the newly created Official IRA Compound in Long Kesh (the Maze and Long Kesh Prison). In 1974 he was in the first group of Special Category prisoners to study Social Sciences with The Open University. After his release he was offered a place at both Galway University and Ruskin College Oxford but didn’t take them up because of family commitments.
Metadata describing this person
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Republican
Project person ID: 003_S
Interviewee role: studied in prison, 1970s
Location where studied: Compounds The Maze and Long Kesh