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Paul Kavanagh went to a grammar school in Belfast but left before taking his O Levels and was imprisoned briefly in the Cages (Compounds of Maze and Long Kesh Prison) in the 1970s. He was later imprisoned in England in the Special Secure Units in Leicester and Full Sutton Prisons. In 1984 he studied for an O Level and an A Level then started his Open University studies in Social Sciences and Psychology in Full Sutton Prison in 1991. He was moved to Maghaberry Prison in 1994 and to the H Blocks in 1996 where he continued his Open University studies and gained an honours degree. Paul graduated in 1998 and was released in 1999. At the time of interview in 2018 he was working in the Sinn Féin Policy Department in the Northern Ireland Assembly at Stormont.
Metadata describing this person
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Republican
Project person ID: 106_S
Interviewee role: studied in prison, 1991-1997
Location where studied: H Blocks The Maze and Long Kesh; Maghaberry Prison County Antrim; Full Sutton Prison Yorkshire