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Seán Lynch grew up in Lisnaskea County Fermanagh and left school at fifteen. He gained four O Levels at Technical College before starting work in the building trade. He was imprisoned in 1986 in the Republican Wings of the H Blocks (the Maze and Long Kesh Prison) and in the early 1990s studied courses in Social Sciences and Women’s Studies with The Open University. He was Education Officer and then Officer in charge of the Republican prisoners in the 1990s and located in the Gaeltacht Wings of the H Blocks. He also studied A Level Irish and trained as a Yoga teacher. After his release in 1998 he was instrumental in founding an Irish Lan...guage school in Fermanagh and taught Yoga. At the time of interview in 2011 he was Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) representing Fermanagh and South Tyrone at the Northern Ireland Assembly.
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Title: Long Kesh was just full of ideas and discussion
Description: Seán Lynch describes being challenged by other Republican prisoners to become involved in education in the H Blocks (the Maze and Long Kesh Prison) in the late 1980s and his decision to start studying with The Open University despite feeling he hadn’t the academic background to do so.
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