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Anthony McIntyre attended the first three years of grammar school and was imprisoned from age sixteen to eighteen in Crumlin Road Gaol Long Kesh Compounds and Magilligan Prison. He was imprisoned in the Compounds again in 1976 but as a result of an escape attempt lost Special Category status and was imprisoned in the H Blocks (The Maze and Long Kesh Prison) where he went on the Blanket protest until 1981. He gained his GCSEs in 1983 started his study of Social Sciences with The Open University in the Republican Wings of the H Blocks in 1984 and graduated with a first-class honours degree in 1991. He was released the following year and in 1973 began his studies for a PhD on ‘Structural Analysis in Modern Irish Republicanism 1969 to 1973’ at Queen’s University which he gained in 1999.
Metadata describing this person
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Republican
Project person ID: 001_S
Interviewee role: studied in prison, 1984-1991
Location where studied: H Blocks The Maze and Long Kesh