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Visiting the library building

Colourful deckchairs outside the library building

The Open University Library at Walton Hall in Milton Keynes is self-service, however customer service staff are available to help between 9am and 5.00pm every weekday.  Staff can help with::

  • General enquiries
  • Finding out what materials are available in the Library
  • Retrieving items from the Library shelves

For more information on the services offered in the library building please see the Library at Walton Hall page.


There is tactile signage with use of Braille throughout the building.

Fire Alarms

A visual alarm system consisting of flashing red lights supplements the audio fire alarm system. If you think you may need assistance in the event of an emergency, please notify a member of Library staff when you arrive.

If you are in a wheelchair or have mobility problems, there are evacuation lifts on both the first and second floors. These will be operated by a member of staff.

If the route to the lift is blocked for any reason there are refuges in the stairwells of all three sets of stairs.

Assistive equipment

The library is equipped with wheelchair accessible tables. 

Assistive technologies installed on computers

Most of the computers in the library building are networked. 

One computer, on the first floor has been assigned for accessing print material and does not have access to the internet. This has the following software installed:

  • Magnifier
  • Kurzweil Scan and Read software

Please talk to a member of staff to find out which computer is best suited to your needs.