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New and improved Library Search – one year on

A smartly-dressed businessman is looking down at his phoneIn February 2022 we launched a new and improved version of Library Search, which made research experiences much more responsive, reactive and seamless.  

The new system came with a couple of new tools. We now have a feature called ‘citation trail’ which allows users to see the citations within a given resource, as well as where that resource itself is cited (as long as the Library has access to those resources). You can also search within journals without leaving Library Search by using the ‘search inside’ option and you can search for articles within the journal you are viewing.  

We also have a custom URL now, so every link from Library Search is more user-friendly. The display hasn't changed, so the system looks the same, but behind the scenes it is now able to support research much more efficiently.  

The launch was a great success, and it has now been almost a year of the most up-to-date search engine we’ve ever had.