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Using library resources to understand transgender issues

Home News Using library resources to understand transgender issues

In this article we're going to dip into a little transgender history. 

If you want to know more about what being transgender is the Dictionary of Gender Studies is really helpful. Check out the definitions for transgender and gender dysphoria.

Roberta Cowell was the first known British transgender woman to undergo gender reassignment surgery and have her birth certificate changed.  Infotrac Newstand, a newspaper database, has an article from the Belfast Telegraph about the life of Roberta which is both fascinating and sad.

The Gender Recognition Act in 2004 provided transgender folk with legal recognition in their acquired gender. You can track down the act using JustisOne UK Core.

If we jump forward to this year you may have seen recently that the World Health Organisation no longer classifies being transgender as a mental disorder. The UK newspaper 'The Independent'  (and many others) accessed via the Nexis database has an article about this and why it's important.