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Tom Olney


The Use of Learning Analytics in STEM over 4 years

  • Tom OlneyCarlton Wood
  • In 2017/2018 the research team completed an eSTEeM project that used a social informatics approach to explore the extent to which, and how, two learning analytics tools (OUA and SPM) were being used in STEM by tutors and presentation module teams.

    May 2022 to January 2023

    Evaluating the Impact of Implementing Learning Design Approaches in STEM over 4 Years

  • Tom Olney
  • In 2016, the OU was restructured into four super-faculties (STEM, WELS, FASS & FBL). Amongst many other things, each faculty was tasked with developing structures, governance and procedures that would support module teams in designing teaching and learning appropriate to their context.

    April 2021 to March 2022

    Measuring the Impact of Learning Design and Course Creation (LDCC) Workshops

  • Tom Olney
  • This project aims to measure the impact that professional development provided by the OU, in ‘Learning Design and Course Creation’ (LDCC), has had on:

    (a) six Belarussian HEIs and staff who participated in the BELL Project (phase 1)

    October 2019 to October 2022