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Students as Partners in Scholarship

A key part of our work is the active involvement of students within scholarship, not only as research participants, but as members of project teams and in a consultative capacity for the centre. Most of our projects benefit significantly from very close involvement with students and we are always interested in linking up project teams with students who can bring their experience as learners to bear on the project design and execution.

To achieve this aim, we have developed a framework for engaging OU students as collaborators in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). Engaging students in scholarship offers opportunities for student insights and expertise to inform teaching and learning. The diversity of OU students requires a tailored approach that considers each student’s circumstances as well as the research objectives of each project. Therefore, this framework provides a collection of activities, procedures and guidance, which can be applied and adapted as required. To read more, please see the Students as Partners in Scholarship Framework. The framework has been developed over the last four years with contributions from a range of staff and students engaged in supporting SoTL.


Get involved

If you are an OU student and would like to register your interest in being involved with an eSTEeM project, please complete our Student Register Form and return it to We will keep your details on file and be back in touch when a suitable opportunity arises. Please note that there may be a significant waiting time between completing the register and opportunities arising as this will be dependent on the needs of the project teams.

Please also feel free to visit our student facing website eSTEeM & Co which is a place for anyone interested in STEM scholarship to connect and collaborate. You will need to sign in using your OU credentials to access the site.

eSTEeM & Co Interactive Newsletter

The eSTEeM & Co Interactive Newsletter is produced annually and aims to better communicate the work of eSTEeM whilst actively involving more students in our work in order to enhance the teaching and learning experience for our students. Please click the links below to read more.

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eSTEeM student engagement model
Diagram: The students as partners activity model illustrating three tiers of example activities.