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Dynamic Earth

The Dynamic Earth Group carries out research into geological and tectonic processes under four main themes:

  • Geochemistry of mantle, magmas and crust;
  • Mountain dynamics;
  • Hypervelocity impacts;
  • Volcano dynamics.

We use a variety of geochemical and geophysical techniques to track the progress, rates and timescales of geological processes such as metamorphism, melting, crystallisation, fluid (magma and hydrous) flow and volcanic eruptions in the solid Earth.

Our research has implications for the generation of critical metal resources, geological hazard assessment and the evolution of Earth as a planet that supports life.

Our research complements and supplements the research carried out in other groups, particularly the Paleoenvironmental Change and Astrobiology groups.

We use a variety of analytical techniques in different laboratories to carry out our research: Earth Science laboratories.

Academic Staff

Postgraduate Research Students

Clare Warren, Dynamic Earth Research Group Lead

Clare Warren

Dynamic Earth Research Group Point of Contact


Applications closed: Lecturer in Environment and Sustainability

Change your career, change lives

6th July 2021

Artificial reefs could restore sea urchin populations and coral reef

New research has found that strategically placed artificial reefs in the sea could be used to stimulate population recovery in a keystone species. This could help to restore coral reefs in the Caribbean.

20th May 2021

New qualification: Single Honours Geology

BSc (Hons) Geology (R53)

19th May 2021
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